Small batch, locally made Jun Kombucha.

Made with❤️ in Toronto

About Us

Our Founder and Chief Brewing Officer's journey started as a labour of love for her family. She began brewing at home to give them a healthier alternative to high sugar juices and soda pop. Needless to say the Jun Kombucha was a huge hit with everyone. Then, after 15 years working corporately, an acquisition, and eventual layoff, she decided to venture out on her own and Boochin' was born!

Made with ❤️ in Toronto.

Wanna' brew at home?

Starter KITS

Wanna' brew at home? Get everything you need or just the basics to get started.

- Basic kits include instructions, starter fluid & Jun SCOBY

- Deluxe kit includes instructions, starter fluid, Jun SCOBY, two 1 gallon glass jugs, a brewing 'hat', and an air tight lid

Can't be bothered with all the work and mess? Get Boochin' delivered right to your front door.

Boochin' RED flavours

  • Black Cherry, Ginger

  • Blueberry, Turmeric

  • Raspberry

  • Strawberry, Ginger (seasonal)

Can't be bothered with all the work and mess? Get Boochin' delivered right to your front door.

Boochin' YELLOW flavours

  • Ginger

  • Spicy Pineapple

  • Spicy Mango

Jun Kombucha Vinegar, what is it good for?

Jun Kombucha Vinegar

The question really should be what isn't it good for. Add it to recipes to increase your probiotic intake, take it as a shot (if you're brave enough), use it as a hair rinse to remove excess build up and toxins, or as a natural disinfectant aftershave. Check out our socials for recipes, applications, and more info.

A shot in the morning or in the afternoon, it's totally up to you! Always cold pressed in a masticating juicer.

Shots o' LOVE

  • Ginger

  • Turmeric

  • Wheatgrass

Fermented Garlic Honey

Chalked full of antioxidant compounds, fermented garlic honey, tasted fantastic on its own, as a topping, or use it for cooking.

Markets 2021

Find us weekly at the following Markets through mid October:
  • Cabbagetown Farmers Markets: Tuesdays 3-7pm located in Riverdale Park
  • The Met Farmers Market: Sundays 10am-2pm at 56 Queen Street East

To place your order today click the link below.

At Boochin' we use only real ingredients. We believe in real food for real people.

Where the heck can I get my hands on some?!

In addition to offering pick up at our kitchen, you can also preorder and pick up at markets and we are also available at any one of our fabulous Retail Partners. #supportlocal #supportsmallbusiness
  • Fiesta Farms, 200 Christie St., Toronto, ON
  • Tulip Variety, 340 Westmoreland Ave. N., Toronto, ON
  • Gaucho Pie Co., 346 Westmoreland Ave. N., Toronto, ON
  • Cygnet Coffee, 1691  Dundas St. W., Toronto, ON
  • Ontario Honey House, 1265 St Clair Ave. W., Toronto, ON
  • Oakwood Hardware, 337 Oakwood Ave., Toronto, ON
  • O.H. Pantry, 337 Oakwood Ave., Toronto, ON
  • Murray's Farm & Butcher, 182 Ottawa St. N., Hamilton, ON
  • Parallel Restaurant, 217 Geary Ave., Toronto, ON


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Toronto, ON

Mon-Fri: 10 am-6 pm, Sat-Sun: 10 am-4 pm